Does the idea of moving a piano upstairs make you think twice? Can you do it all by yourself? For a lot of homeowners, the process of moving a piano is very daunting. Fortunately, there are professional and experienced piano moving service providers who have been taught and trained the right techniques as well as ensure the proper ways to get your piano upstairs.

If you do not have any experience in moving large items such as a piano, you might basically want to consider hiring professional and experienced piano moving contractors before you attempt to do it alone. moving a big piano from one room to another can be very difficult without using a flight of stairs in addition. Therefore, how do they end up moving your piano upstairs?

Piano Moving Equipment Used by Professional Moving Service Providers

Planks, heavy duty gloves, moving dollies and straps are just a few equipment necessary to get your piano moved safely and carefully upstairs.

Piano Moving Straps

Moving straps are actually one of the most vital tools for moving your piano to hold all moving parts in place. The lid requires to be strapped down in order to prevent any hands or fingers getting trapped below during the scramble of moving your piano.

Planks and Dollies for Moving Your Piano Upstairs

As far as planks and dollies, they are very imperative for getting your huge musical instrument upstairs, including turns and landings in the staircase. Professional and experienced moving service providers usually will secure the planks to go up a staircase and will place your piano on the dolly. From there, they will just roll your musical instrument up the plank so that they do not have to carry and lift it up every single step. As a matter of fact, it is highly suggested to hire professional moving contractors for this kind of task for this very reason. Mishaps can occur especially with untrained movers like an ordinary homeowner.

Wearing Heavy Duty Gloves to Move Your Piano

Gloves are very self-explanatory and expert piano moving contractors wear them for enhanced grip. Appropriate gloves give them a better stronghold grip or control while handling your piano to prevent their hands from slipping. Utilizing these heavy-duty gloves is very beneficial for both the valuable item such as the piano and the mover as well. Furthermore, gloves are an easy add-on which will really pay off.

Is DIY Piano Moving Possible?

Can you move your piano upstairs alone? There are always certain things you need to take into account:

  • How steep is your staircase?
  • Are there any landings or turns within the staircase?
  • How many stairs are there?

Depending on the degree of difficulty of the layout to where you are about to move your piano can actually determine if you choose to hire a professional and expert moving service or move the piano all by yourself. Of course, there are certain consequences to every action you make. Therefore, the safest and the best option is for you to leave this kind of task to the professionals such as piano movers Denver.